Giant Eggs Edition

We're kicking off the update this week with a picture of a giant egg laid by one our girls (the one on the right is the regular size we get and the toothpick is for scale). Poor little blighter, laying that must have stretched some stuff! Most … [Continue reading]

Potatoes, Corn & iPhone Blogging

Well, it's about time that I moved into the cyber age properly and began to blog from anywhere, anytime. So this is in the nature of a trial run to see how things go. So on to our daily report. The weather is turning nasty with high winds expected … [Continue reading]


Been a bit chilly here in Burra for the past week. In fact, it got cold enough for a light snow shower to dust the hills around the valley, and for it to still be there the next morning. This was taken from the road (which runs north-south) … [Continue reading]

Curiosity — Mars I Am On You!

Congratulations to NASA and JPL. Well done indeed! After some embarrassing failures NASA couldn't really afford to have this one go wrong. Curiosity—the biggest, most expensive Mars rover ever—has landed and is now off on its mission of … [Continue reading]

What is Normal?

What is normal? What is normal?? What kind of dumb-assed question is that? Well, I read that in order to create eye-popping blogs, one of the way to capture the attention of the Internet scanner is to ask a question. So...that's a … [Continue reading]


I can't believe that it's already four years since Chris and I moved from town out to the farm. And I also can't believe it's nearly a year since I updated the farm's blog! How bad am I to leave it this long. Terrible. Shocking. Meh!  No-one reads … [Continue reading]

Security – A Hidden Tax?

One of the many proposals before a parliamentary committee is to require telcos and ISPs to retain their logs of user telecommunications and Internet data for a period of two years. Those companies currently don't do this for a very good reason; data … [Continue reading]

Boat People

The great political debate in Australia at the moment is the death of so many refugees trying to reach our shores in the hopes of finding a better life. It's a very vexing question, one that is causing polarised opinion in the country. There are … [Continue reading]

Woot for SpaceX!

Let's talk about SpaceX and their terrific achievements over the past couple of weeks. What a coup, eh!! Sending an unmanned heavy lift vehicle to the ISS and splashing back down off California in an almost flawless flight. And a commercial entity, … [Continue reading]

Rants and Raves

When one starts a new project, there's always a question about how one goes about it. In this case, I'm resurrecting an old Blogger account and attempting to restart my blogging activities. But the question remains; what am I going to blog … [Continue reading]