Curiosity — Mars I Am On You!

Congratulations to NASA and JPL. Well done indeed! After some embarrassing failures NASA couldn’t really afford to have this one go wrong. Curiosity—the biggest, most expensive Mars rover ever—has landed and is now off on its mission of exploration. I love that space exploration still has the capacity to thrill and amaze people. As I […]

Boat People

The great political debate in Australia at the moment is the death of so many refugees trying to reach our shores in the hopes of finding a better life. It’s a very vexing question, one that is causing polarised opinion in the country. There are those I judge to be ordinary, decent people, kind to […]

Woot for SpaceX!

Let’s talk about SpaceX and their terrific achievements over the past couple of weeks. What a coup, eh!! Sending an unmanned heavy lift vehicle to the ISS and splashing back down off California in an almost flawless flight. And a commercial entity, not a government agency. FINALLY!  Maybe now we can really move passed the […]