Welcome Spring BBQ

We ‘re a little late with this update but better late than never, eh? We held a “Welcome Spring!” barbeque for our friends and their kids. Turnout was pretty good although there were several who didn’t make it due to last-minute schedule hitches. But the rest of us made up for it by having a […]

Giant Eggs Edition

We’re kicking off the update this week with a picture of a giant egg laid by one our girls (the one on the right is the regular size we get and the toothpick is for scale). Poor little blighter, laying that must have stretched some stuff! Most likely, this is a double yoke egg, but […]

Potatoes, Corn & iPhone Blogging

Well, it’s about time that I moved into the cyber age properly and began to blog from anywhere, anytime. So this is in the nature of a trial run to see how things go. So on to our daily report. The weather is turning nasty with high winds expected tonight. We should be OK where […]


Been a bit chilly here in Burra for the past week. In fact, it got cold enough for a light snow shower to dust the hills around the valley, and for it to still be there the next morning. This was taken from the road (which runs north-south) towards the west. The buildings belong to […]

Potato Planting

The mid-August wrap-up, where I talk about chickens, water plans, and early gardening.

Crikey! Chickens & Chainsaws

[UPDATED 24-07-2011] Have replaced canned pictures with real photos I took yesterday. *** My last post stated I was going to write an update every week. EPIC FAIL!!   🙁 Instead, it’s been over six MONTHS since I wrote anything. Just goes to show how lazy I am. Oh well, what is past is passed…or should […]

New Year’s Resolution

As part of a New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided that I have to update Drypond at least every week. So hopefully, this begins a trend to bring you news about the farm and the people who live on it and visit it. Since it’s been so long since I posted anything here, the first task […]