The kittens are growing fast and are starting to be curious about the outside world; they spend quite a while looking out. Well, not hours because they’re kittens with the attention span of gnats, but quite a while for them. Quinn and Nyssa are only about 11 weeks old but are more than twice the […]

Kompleat Kitten Katchup

Sorry, my alliteration ran away with me. As you can see, the kittens are well in charge. Here we have a prime example of finding the softest thing around, and going to sleep on it. Like all children, they take advantage whenever they can. Such an imposition! Shocking. Shouldn’t be allowed. Look how distressed I […]

A Changing of the Guard

In mid-November, our beloved little cat Killy, 18 years of age, which is about 88 in human terms, was in such obvious pain that we decided to have her put to sleep. It was heart wrenching; even writing this now my throat is tight and I’m on the verge of tears. We got Killy and […]


Arriving from work on Friday afternoon I was greeted by an odd sight on the track; a snoozing bunny and a white duck. I’ve seen lots of normal black & brown ducks on our dams, but never a white duck. But, there he was, bold as brass. And the bunny must have been soaking up […]

Unexpected Guests

Look who came calling this morning. A couple of feral deer have been hanging around the farm for the past couple of days, quite likely because their usual haunt (a property up the hill from me with new owners) now has a few dogs on it. Some friends have told us they’ve seen deer on […]

Apples & Bees

It’s spring and all the apple trees are in flower. In fact, everything is in flower right now. Which is good because we now have 4 bee hives on the farm. I think some of them are only temporary, which is probably a good thing because once the main spring flowering has finished, I dunno […]

Spring 2015

After a couple of years of silence, there’s news! We have new chickens, two Rhode Island Reds and two Australorps. These girls are still pullets and not laying yet, but both breeds are supposed to be pretty good layers, and they are certainly pretty. We’ve had them for a few weeks now and they’re gradually […]


The greenhouse kit is up but there’s more to do!

The Little ‘Little Red Tractor’

The newest addition to the family, a baby red tractor just for Chris. That’s me riding it, of course. Well, I mean…You have to test these things out, right?? Check out the jazzy trailer. It’s quite big and will come in very handy for all those smaller hauling jobs. For those interested, it’s 21hp and […]

Welcome Spring BBQ

We ‘re a little late with this update but better late than never, eh? We held a “Welcome Spring!” barbeque for our friends and their kids. Turnout was pretty good although there were several who didn’t make it due to last-minute schedule hitches. But the rest of us made up for it by having a […]