Ready for the outdoors

Ready for the outdoors

The kittens are growing fast and are starting to be curious about the outside world; they spend quite a while looking out. Well, not hours because they’re kittens with the attention span of gnats, but quite a while for them.

Quinn and Nyssa are only about 11 weeks old but are more than twice the size they were when we picked them up at eight weeks. They have very distinct personalities; she (on the left) is a tenacious huntress while he is a quiet ambusher. They are a joy and a trial all at once. I think they are true to their mother’s purebred Bengal heritage; they are going to be very big, very active cats. So I have a carpeted climbing pole to build. That’s pretty easy; the bracing is going to be the most tricky.

Chris is also keen to get a dog; he and his family have a tradition of owning German short haired pointers. But in this rural setting, we’d need to secure the dog in a run big enough so the poor thing has a bit of room to roam when we can’t be with it. That means fencing and that means expensive…and the quite reasonable quote we got from the fencing man puts it outside the realms of possibility at this stage. It’s money that wouldn’t really enhance the value of the farm, whereas a new kitchen or new curtains would. So doggy is on the back burner for now. Besides, I think once the cats are grown, we’ll have enough pet related fun…and expense…on our hands. Time will tell.

Christmas and New Year have come and gone, all very quiet here because I’m a boring person that likes his own space and to do his own thing when he wants to do it. But it’s a great time to wind down from a hectic year at work, and gear up for another hectic year when I go back on Jan 4.

2016 will be a big year of change for me and my team…well, for everyone really…at work. The department is moving from the building it’s been in for most of the last 40 years to a newer building in the middle of town, but the entire ICT area is going somewhere else. We’re going to be co-located with the somewhat larger government department that provides our IT infrastructure services (that means they provide the hardware and networking for our computer programs to run on, for those of you without any corporate IT knowledge).

It’s not so bad for me because it’ll mean a substantially shorter commute. But there will be a lot of challenges trying to integrate ourselves into the larger organisation because we’ve found our corporate cultures are very different. At the same time we have to work with the Government’s digital transformation agenda and that’s difficult because of the speed which the Government wants to move. I’m talking “months instead of years” speed…and yet they don’t want to spend any more money. As I said, challenging.


Seriously, Nyssa?

But for now, we have new kitties, and they are providing a great deal of joy…and trouble.

That HAD been a full roll of toilet paper….


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