Spring 2015

Our new chickens: Australorps (black) and Rhode Island Reds

Our new chickens: Australorps (black) and Rhode Island Reds

After a couple of years of silence, there’s news!

We have new chickens, two Rhode Island Reds and two Australorps. These girls are still pullets and not laying yet, but both breeds are supposed to be pretty good layers, and they are certainly pretty. We’ve had them for a few weeks now and they’re gradually getting used to us, although the older chooks pick on them a lot, so they still tend to be a bit flighty. But they are very pretty, and our other girls are getting older.

When we first bought chickens for the farm (see above) we bought a whole package; feeders, waterers, medicines (well, garlic & apple vinegar anyway), coloured leg bands, and a coop. It’s a Chinese prefab and the harsh Aussie weather is killing it. That and the wild birds who are chewing the roof to pieces! So I have to build a new coop for our girls. But that means removing one of the existing raised garden beds, and THAT means shifting tons of soil.


Why isn’t anything easy??

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