The NOT-Bugs & NOT-Daffy ShowArriving from work on Friday afternoon I was greeted by an odd sight on the track; a snoozing bunny and a white duck. I’ve seen lots of normal black & brown ducks on our dams, but never a white duck. But, there he was, bold as brass. And the bunny must have been soaking up the warmth from the road; it was chillier than it’s been all this month.

As I got closer, the bunny buggered off pretty darn quick, but the duck just jumped into the pond and had a bit of a paddle. White Duck on PondAfter a little while, he clambered up the bank and settled in the long grass. I say “he” but I have no idea if it’s male or female. Whatever, the duck was gone by dusk.

Saturday was a brilliant day to be pootling about outside; the breeze was cool but the sun was out. The air was clear after the mid-week rain and everything was just perfect for me to finish putting my homemade weed spraying equipment together, which has undergone testing and, barring a few leaks here and there, works as designed. Now those darn weeds will be dealt with!

Testing Spraying

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