Apples & Bees


One of the apple trees near the house

It’s spring and all the apple trees are in flower. In fact, everything is in flower right now. Which is good because we now have 4 bee hives on the farm. I think some of them are only temporary, which is probably a good thing because once the main spring flowering has finished, I dunno what they’ll collect nectar from…grasses, maybe?

We had a good apple crop last year because we had one hive on the farm, so I’m hoping to have an equally good crop this year. I say we had a good crop, but I still didn’t get to pick any apples because the damn cockatoos destroyed my entire crop!

And I can’t  shoot them either, because they’re protected. I have no idea why; there are hundreds of the damn things; huge white sulfur-crested fruit murderers that mow through my apples in short order. Two weeks; that was the difference last year. If I’d picked apples two weeks earlier, I’d probably have been able to make cider. But by the time I was ready, there was not an apple to be found.


Anyway, the spring flowers on the farm are spectacular. Here’s some more for your pleasure.

Wattle & plum trees in full flower

Wattle & plum trees in full flower

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