Welcome Spring BBQ

We ‘re a little late with this update but better late than never, eh?

We held a “Welcome Spring!” barbeque for our friends and their kids. Turnout was pretty good although there were several who didn’t make it due to last-minute schedule hitches. But the rest of us made up for it by having a wonderful time, especially the kids.

Chris purchased some shop eggs for an egg hunt…naturally we weren’t going to waste our beautiful home-grown eggs on such a thing! The eggs were hard-boiled, cooled, and then soaked in vegetable dye overnight. Just prior to the gathering, they were hidden around the back of the farm where we held the barbeque. We held it out in the back paddock rather than around the house and it was well received; the adults got a real sense of being in the country and the kids had lots of room in which to run around.

The kids had a wonderful time charging about finding the coloured eggs and turning them in for their reward…a colourful iced lollipop (which Aussies call icy poles).

At the end of the hunt, I think every kid bugged every available adult to give them a hint where the last two or three eggs were hidden. Naturally, there were no hints handed out…

Once the egg hunt was complete, it was time for the promised hay ride.

And off we go!

It seemed to go down really well, and naturally, the parents wanted pictures.

Parental Paparazzi

It was a very typical barbeque with the actual BBQ at one end of the space and a conversation circle of chairs up wind. Although there were lots of drinks coolers were in evidence, only a few people had one or two beers or perhaps some wine, and many had nothing more than soft drinks (sodas or pop for those elsewhere).

Barbeque Site

All in all it was a great day and by the end, when everyone had left and Chris and I had cleaned up the site, we were beat!

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