Potato Planting

The Girls

The girls have settled in nicely to their tennis court home. I let them out of their coop early each morning and Chris generally lets them out of the tennis court sometime in the late morning so they can free range around the farm. They love getting out and about, and I dare say the eggs they lay will be better for it. But they appear to have discovered the cat flap in the laundry door…or rather the hole left by the broken cat flap. Three times there was a suspicious clucking outside the study door, and I had to chase a chicken outside. I’m not certain, but I think it was the same one each time. [Continue reading]

Garden Enclosure

After spending a week getting over a cold…or the flu…or some kind of bug…I finally got around to completing something on the farm. Yay!!  About time.

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Crikey! Chickens & Chainsaws

[UPDATED 24-07-2011] Have replaced canned pictures with real photos I took yesterday. *** My last post stated I was going to write an update every week. EPIC FAIL!!   :( Instead, it's been over six MONTHS since I wrote anything. Just goes to … [Continue reading]

New Year’s Resolution

As part of a New Year's resolution, I've decided that I have to update Drypond at least every week. So hopefully, this begins a trend to bring you news about the farm and the people who live on it and visit it. Since it's been so long since I posted … [Continue reading]

So Sad….

Dead Tractor

My pretty red tractor is dead. :( I managed to screw it up by leaving the diesel fuel in a container (44 gal/220 litre drum) outside in the weather, and naturally water got into the drum, and then I filled up the tractor. Tractors don't run on … [Continue reading]

The Product

The cider has brewed out, and so Anzac Day became Bottling Day. So I'm calling this Anzac Cider. Of course, the first thing to do was to wash and sterilise the bottles. I bought a funky bottle tree to dry them overnight. Pretty cool, huh? … [Continue reading]

Finishing The Press

Yesterday we managed to pick and sort all the apples, and wash, crush and press about 60% of the total. Today we finished off the last three trays. Here's a picture of the setup, except for the press which is off to the left of the shot. … [Continue reading]

Pressing Apples

Last post I showed you the apple tree we protected, and the apples we picked. This time I'll show you the sweet setup I have for crushing the apples, and pressing the juice out of them. I bought an apple crusher and a wine press from a Melbourne … [Continue reading]

So It’s Cider Season

We inherited a lot of fruit and nut trees from previous owners of the farm which we now call Lavender Valley ((We have Mark to thank for that. He's now dating a vegetarian, and that's all the revenge I need!)) in beautiful downtown Burra. … [Continue reading]